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Registered dietitian Yukie Oki


This is home page which was opened for enlightenment to right knowledge of nutrition by registered dietitian Yukie Oki.
Yukie Oki nutrition laboratory is in HOTEL DU CIEL BLEU.
You are able to know activity of registered dietitian Yukie Oki by use to this home page.
And you are also able to know about HOTEL DU CIEL BLEU.
In 1980 she established DU CIEL BLEU Corporation with her partner.
In 1981 she left her position as hospital dietician and opened HOTEL DU CIEL BLEU which is operated by DU CIEL BLEU Corporation. HOTEL DU CIEL BLEU specializes in French cuisine.
She has been managing this corporation for 28 years, and offered her cuisines for forty thousand peoples.
During this period, she has studied dietary therapy (DT) compatible meals which are able to offer in hotels.
Now, she is also the teacher of Yamanashi Prefectural University and Kofu School of Nursing.

The object of offering these meals at HOTEL DU CIEL BLEU is to allow people with dietary restrictions to enjoy life by recalling the pleasure of a good meal in a natural setting, and thus in turn rekindling the patient's desire for treatment.
This study was reported by her to the Japanese Society of Nutrition and Dietetics, and in 1999 this study received the Society Prize.
She strongly hopes that this concept will be disseminated throughout the world to promote quality-of-life in patients.

January 1, 2009

   Yukie Oki was invited as speaker of symposium from 15th International congress of dietetics.
She was able to present her duty. The abstract of presentation is able to read in section of lectures.

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